Hi there,

JSS_photo_smallI’m Jill, and I’m a mom with apps. In my day job, I’m one of the co-founders of Mapdiva LLC, makers of Artboard and Ortelius vector design software. That keeps me pretty busy, but I’m always interested in learning new things. So, when my kids wanted to learn how to make apps, we decided to learn together.

For a few months I traded some of my “read a good book” free time with “app development” free time to see what we could do. I’m no coder, and the game creation software GameSalad is my tool of choice for our small projects. Of course, all our graphics are made with Artboard vector design software for Mac OS X (please excuse the blatant self-promotion – it’s what I do!). I’ve certainly learned a lot and am having fun along the way. We’ve gotten the whole family involved, and sometimes friends (thus “Our House”). While my kids aren’t programming yet, they have become invaluable in the design, content, review, and marketing aspects of Our House’s iOS development. It’s a kick to work with your kids in the creative process and have them learn valuable life skills along the way!

Thanks for dropping by,