Wrap your head around Finger Math, the astonishing educational game where you find out how to become a human calculator! It’s an amazing thing to count to 99 with just 10 fingers. Just as you’re getting smarter, Finger Math challenges your brain and dexterity with increasing difficultly.

Just $1.99 on the App Store!

Only iPad’s multi-touch interface makes this remarkable game possible.

• Saves up to 5 players
• 60 increasingly challenging levels
• 10 touch points on the iPad – hold your finger down to have it counted
• Counting, addition, subtraction

Special Thanks

  • To our kids! – they had the greatest influence on how this game turned out, offering endless suggestions, testing, and feedback
  • To our beta testers! – especially you Sparky 😉
  • Andy Harris, IUPUI CS, author of the online Chisenbop Tutorial, for consultation on this project
  • To all the inspirational Finger Math videos posted on YouTube, like this one