The one great nursery classic… transformed for the iPad.

Tilt, turn, push, pull and delight in a baker’s dozen (that’s 13!) essential nursery rhymes from Mother Goose, The Original Volland Edition “…the only truly classical edition that has been published in modern times.”

Help Little Miss Muffet run away from the spider. Touch and play the Cat’s fiddle while the Cow jumps over the Moon. Toss plates out of Old Mother Hubbard’s empty cupboard – watch out, they crash and break on the floor! With dozens of interactive and animated features, the original classic is transformed for the iPad. Enjoy the Original Mother Goose like never before! Gorgeously illustrated by Frederick Richardson, all the artwork is meticulously enhanced to provide brilliant color and pictures that move and animate with interactivity. Watch as full-screen physics modeling brings the illustrations to life.


  • Big A, Little A
  • Black Bird Pie
  • Hey Diddle Diddle
  • Cock-a-Doodle Doo
  • Dickery Dickery Dock
  • Hush-a-Bye Baby
  • Jack Sprat
  • Old King Cole
  • Lady Bird
  • Little Boy Blue
  • Little Miss Muffet
  • Mother Goose
  • Old Mother Hubbard

Children, as well as their interested parents, will eagerly welcome this beautiful edition of the one great nursery classic.

*** Complete narration (on/off read-to-me on every page)
*** Easy navigation menu and page flip
*** Forward by Eulalie Osgood Grover on the literary power and origins of Mother Goose